Here are some pictures of my baby girls (they are not babies anymore but I like to call them my babies anyway). Celine was born on August 20, 2002 and her little sister Sofia on July 11, 2005.

Celine is one month old

Celine just turned six months old

Celine and mama in San Francisco

Celine and godmother Sophie

Celine and papa at a beach in Paphos, Cyprus

Celine's Christening in Cyprus

Celine's first birthday

Celine and mama in petting zoo

Celine with grandparents at a New Orleans plantation house

Celine with grandfather

My parent in New Orleans (...yes, pre-Katrina)

Celine and mama in Japan

Celine and great-grandmother in Japan

Celine is celebrating her second birthday with a nice meal

Celine and papa in Boston

Celine's serious look in Seattle

Christmas 2004 in Seattle

Celine the ballerina

Celine the grumpy princess

Celine with an attitude

Sofia enters the picture (she is 4 months here)

Sofia having fun

Sisters at play

Lego adventures

Sofia with grandmother

Celine rearranging my directories

Girls with grandparents

Sofia with papa

Preparations for Celine's big show

Celine practicing an important move

Sofia's Christening in Cypurs

Celine at the beach in Larnaca, Cyprus

Sofia one day before walking (and soon after running)

Sofia ready for Mardi Gras

Celine and papa ready for work in DC

Sofia and her bicycle in DC

Celine dressed for a rainy day in DC

Celine and her classmates in pre-k

Sofia with aunt Demetra at grandparents' house

Celine playing with friends in Limassol

Kei in Vienna - summer 2007

Getting ready for the beach and the hot sun in Latchi

Celine and papa contemplating world events while taking a swim - Latchi summer 2007

Sofia assisted by her godmother Amanda in one of many luncheon feasts by the beach - Limassol summer 2007

Kei and the girls building sandcastles

Celine celebrating a goal by the Cypriot national soccer team (big event in Cyprus)

Celine (5) and Sofia (2) celebrate their birthdays (prematurely) in Cyprus

Back in DC, Sofia is happy about going for a night walk to Politics and Prose (the bookstore close to our house)

Celine and Sofia have most fun when taking a bath

The girls at Hershey Park 1 (Pennsylvania)

The girls at Hershey Park (2)

The girls at Hershey Park (3)

The girls at Hershey Park (4)

The girls at Hershey Park (5)

Celine and one of best friends Olivia at the pool

Sofia, of course, came along

Celine with Olivia after pool

Sofia is celebrating her 3rd birthday with her friends at school

...And she is really happy after a big piece of cake

Celine celebrates grandma's 70th birthday in Cyprus, summer 2008

Back in DC Celine and Sofia (who has grown so much)

A moment of reconciliation...

... and love

Celine has lost her first tooth. It is safe in her wallet (a Cypriot custom)

Celine and Sofia are ready for a friend's birthday party

Party picture 1

Party picture 2

Party picture 3

Our dog Vie had to leave us soon after this picture was taken

Celine and Sofia with cousin baby Ray in Belgium

Back in DC it is Christmas 2008

Celine with friend Athena in Japanese costumes

Sofia is a dancer

Getting ready for Greek school

Sofia shopping

Sofia is graduating from daycare and ready for Pre-K

And Celine is graduating from 1st grade

Sofia+Celine with aunt Demetra in Cyprus the summer of 2009

Sofia's playday with friends

Growing too fast - Sofia turned 4 and Celine 7

Sofia at the park across the White House

Celine, Tiffany and Alexandra in 2nd grade

Halloween 2009

Celine reading

Helping mama with grocery shopping

December 20, 2009 - Record snow!

Girls under IMF Christmas tree

Getting ready for a bike ride around Manhattan in Spring 2010

Celine trying on glasses

Cyprus, summer 2010: 3 generations

Sofia turns 5!!

Back in Washington, at the pool with Mia

Girls in NYC

Girls at the IMF

Celine and the IMF Christmas tree

Celine's picture of the National Cathedral

Girls with Mia at the National Cherry Blossom Festival, 2011

Sofia and friends at Georgetown Day School

Morning walk glory at Tidal Basin, April 2011

Sofia outside our house, April 2011

Girls with Tiffany at the White House Garden Tour

Sofia and Sabrina at Murch School

Sofia's butterfly face painting

Girls having breakfast

Girls in Vienna airport

Celine and Alma at the mall

Sofia's picture of papa working in the garden

Sofia ready for shopping

Celine blowing bubbles


Summer 2011 in Cyprus: at the beach with grandma and Sophie

At the beach with Kassy

Girls by the sea in Limassol

Sofia in Paphos

Early morning swim in Pahpos

A feast in Larnaca

Celine in Cyprus

Celine just turned 9 (Cyprus: August 20, 2011)

Lots of presents

And a nice picture

Back in DC: Celine's horse show

Girls helping mom with burger sales

Sofia at the stables

Celine and her favorite horse Annie

Smiley Sofia

Writing Poems

Sofia is 7!

And just like that Celine is 10!

Girls in the pool

Under a beautiful tree

Playing chess

Enjoying each other

Sofia with her friend Gigi

At The Homestead

Celine in GDS Chorus

Sofia at the school dance

Celine skating at Rockefeller Center

Sofia under the Christmas tree in NYC (December 2013)

And under the IMF Christmas tree

Celine ar Rock Creek Park

Queen Celine

Sofia with friend Gigi

Sofia helps papa finish 5K run

Family picture after the run

Celine with friend Ava

Celine and friends at the IMF